City of Bakersfield Baseline Level of Service


Property Based Business Improvement District


Office of the City Manager




City Departments provide the following services within the proposed PBID boundaries:


  1. Street Sweeping: The City provides street sweeping service two days per we The City does not include alleys.
  2. Street Trees: The City trims street trees as needed.
  3. Refuse Service: The City provides refuse service for single family residences and multifamily residences of 6 units or les The City also competes for refuse service for commercial businesses and multifamily residences greater than 6 units.
  4. Illegal dumping: The City maintains a program to pick up illegally dumped items
  5. Parking Enforcement: The City enforces parking regulations, services and maintains parking meters and issues related parking citation
  6. Parking Facilities: The City maintains the parking structure at 18th and Eye Street
  7. Graffiti Abatement: The City abates graffiti and slap tags on public property and on private property accessible from the public right of
  8. City Streets: The City maintains and repairs public streets, including alleys, on an as- needed basis depending upon the level of funding for any given ye
  9. City Sidewalks: The City maintains and replaces sidewalks on an as-needed basis depending upon the level of funding for any given ye
  10. Storm Drains: The City maintains the storm drain, catch basin and pump station syste
  11. Pothole repairs: The City repairs potholes as-needed.
  12. Curb Painting: The City provides periodic repainting of curbs on an as-needed basis


  1. Signage: The City installs and replaces signs in the public right of way on an as-needed b
  2. Street Lights: The City maintains and pays electrical costs for lights.
  3. Traffic Signals: The City operates and maintains the traffic sign
  4. Code Enforcement: The City provides code enforcement as


  1. Garbage Collection: The City collects garbage daily for many businesses.
  2. Sidewalk Trash Receptacles: The City empties garbage cans on sidewalks.
  3. Landscape and Medians: The City provides irrigation to trees within the public right-of-way.
  4. Walkways: The City blows walkways.